A minimum of 1 PLUT (default is 2 PLUT, you can change in settings) is required to push the Button and it will be added to the pool. Each click (default 2 PLUT) of a button will reset the timer to 450x2=900 blocks (~22.5x2=45 minutes since 1 block is approx 3s) and the last person to press the Button with no one else clicking it will walk away with 90% of the total PLUT pool. The remaining 10% is paid to developer.

Each press will reduce the reset timer by 1 block until the minimum of reset timer is 4 blocks (which is about 12s).
Please note that the timer shown here is only approximated time only due to each block is not exactly 3s, sometimes it is faster or slower than 3s.

PlutButton V1

  • Info

  • Amount to send each press: img descriptionThis is the amount of PLUT to send each time you press the button. The more PLUT you send, the more longer the timer reset. 2 PLUT
  • Last wallet pressed: img descriptionThis is the latest wallet pressed.
  • Pool Amount: img descriptionAmount of tokens in pool
  • Number of Pressed: img descriptionHow many times the button is pressed.
  • Number of block remained: img descriptionHow many blocks remained before expired.
  • Each press timer reset: img descriptionEach button pressed add how many blocks.
Press Button

Winner can claim 90% of pool.

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